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Red Dot官方所發佈的新聞摘要:VAGNBYS醒酒器榮獲2016紅點傑出產品設計獎

慕尼黑,2016年4月5日。Vagnbys 醒酒器以獨特的設計品質,贏得國際上極負盛名的紅點設計獎。來自57國共5200件作品參與本屆競賽,只有卓越出眾的設計作品才能獲得紅點國際評審團挑剔的眼光。

該醒酒器作品融合機能性與高質感設計,體現了北歐 Scandinavian 極簡美學。

了解更多,請參閱下列Red Dot官方所發佈的英文新聞稿~

Press release

Outstanding design quality: Vagnbys Wine Decantiere wins the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016

Best in class wine aeration combines 7 functions in unique design!


Munich, 5th April 2016. The Wine Decantiere by Vagnbys has been awarded the Red Dot, the international most renowned award for high design quality. Participants from 57 nations had registered about 5,200 products and innovations for the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016. Only products which set themselves apart considerably through their excellent design receive the sought-after quality seal from the international Red Dot jury.

The Wine Decantiere follows the premise of Scandinavian design of merging functionality and high end quality in minimalistic aesthetic. This 7-in-1 wine decanter is a masterpiece for all wine lovers. The air mixing chamber gently aerates wine while pouring, significantly improving in the taste, flavor and finish. Seven built-in dual-functional tubes are supported by eight small vents positioned at the grid edge. The built-in filter protects against cork residue and other impurities. The dual pouring edge ensures no dripping, the air tight stopper preserves freshness as well as it covers foil edges and hides screw threads and allows easy pouring.

The renowned Danish product designer Marcus Vagnby created a revolution to wine aeration with the 7-in-1 Wine Decantiere. His mission is creating objects that are nurtured by respect for sensibility, environment, political correctness and economy.

With 41 experts from all around the world, who are chosen according to strict rules, the Red Dot Award: Product Design guarantees a very high judging competence: Only freelance designers, design professors and specialized journalists – but not designers employed at companies potentially participating – are appointed to the jury.


The independent expert panel assesses each entry strictly and fairly, live and on site, according to criteria such as degree of innovation, formal quality, functionality and ecological compatibility. Professor Dr. Peter Zec, founder and president of the Red Dot Award: “With their performances, the Red Dot winners not only demonstrated an extraordinary design quality, but they also showed that design is an integral part of innovative product solutions.”

About VAGNBYS Design & Living and Marcus Vagnby

Vagnbys Design & Living is a fresh, new Scandinavian design brand build on generations of design tradition.

“Firmly constructed objects, beautiful in shape and effective for its purpose. Add ideas exceeding shape and function, and good design is created. Nurtured by respect for sensibility, environment, political correctness and economy, design is a stimulating intellectual exercise, which continues to inspire and develop the modern designer.” The Danish product designer Marcus Vagnbys successfully shows with minimalist aesthetics how mind, function and materials go up in synthesis.

About the Red Dot Design Award:

In order to appraise the wide scope of design in a professional manner, the Red Dot Design Award is broken down into the three distinct disciplines: the Red Dot Award: Product Design, Red Dot Award: Communication Design and Red Dot Award: Design Concept. The Red Dot Award is organised by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen, Germany. With more than 17,000 entries in 2015 alone, it is one of the largest competitions in the world. It was in 1955 that a jury convened for the first time to assess the best designs of the day. The name and brand of the award were developed in the 1990s by Red Dot CEO, Professor Dr. Peter Zec. Since then the sought-after “Red Dot” is the revered international seal of outstanding design quality. Further information: www.red-dot.org.

Press contact Red Dot:

Catharina Hesse

Communications Manager

Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen

Gelsenkirchener Str. 181

45309 Essen


Phone: +49 201 30104–50

E-mail: c.hesse@red-dot.de